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US Marketing Services: Experienced Team Players Who Really Care
About Helping You Succeed

  • Experienced in working in San Francisco Bay Area with Silicon Valley companies who are changing the way business works
  • Consultants with tremendous expertise in all aspects of marketing, strategy and business
  • Consulted in over 100 different companies
  • Worked in leading business sectors
  • Senior managers in successful businesses
  • Leaders who can motivate an actionable “can do” orientation in organizations
  • Focused on your company’s success
  • Invited back –because your results and the experience are positive
  • Experts in “ Business to Business” and “Business to Consumer” marketing

US Marketing Services clients say:

“Thorough, hardworking and caring”
“Depth and breadth, quick and deep learning and truly excellent advice”
“Enthusiastic, genuinely nice, honorable”
“Creative, smart, respectful and collaborative”
“Add real value, made us so much better”
“Action-oriented, productive and fun”
“Incredibly generous and responsible for great outcomes”

What we do to help clients:

US Marketing Services helps you frame your business challenges using marketing, customer and employees insights and quickly accomplish business goals.  We will get you clearly focused on what you want to do, and how you will win and satisfy customers.

USMS helps you get organized to implement fresh ideas through your existing company team.  We can bring in resources to “jump-start” your implementation programs, put in additional processes, and teach methods which you can continue to use.