Engineering Case Study


Engineers are often at the front line of what US Marketing Services does. They may be part of our client group especially when product features and product development plans are being considered.

Engineers are often the customer or prospect for our projects and interviewed in our market research. The engineering team from Ariba, now an SAP company, worked with US Marketing Services to better understand what chief procurement officers need and want for better identifying and qualifying suppliers, for managing contracts within global regulatory guidelines, for up to date procurement software and for saving money and shortening buying cycles on a global basis.


The chief technical officer and team of engineers and the marketing and sales teams collaborated with us to give input to the proprietary research we then conducted for Ariba with procurement customers and prospects worldwide. The research provided Ariba with a solid basis for making better decisions. We continued the work using our Strategic Harmony Partner’s proprietary methodology (Strategic Harmony Process) and helped them to make aggressive pipeline and resource decisions that more closely aligned with customer needs for new services, additional feature releases and so forth in order to grow their business, win the competitive wars and better deliver for Ariba customers.