Financial Services Case Study


Charles Schwab provides an online trading platform, discount trading services and proprietary research information for independent traders to be more effective in their investment decisions. The Schwab team came to US Marketing Services to seek assistance in identifying what matters most to Schwab’s most active traders (those higher net individuals who make higher number of trades per year).

Schwab wanted to position Active Trader Services more effectively and to make priority choices among a list of potential new services, events and research information being considered for new program offers for the Active Trader target audience.

US Marketing Services used one on one interviews and discussion groups along with sample descriptions of research information and upcoming events to clearly identify the top priority benefits that would increase customer loyalty and satisfaction for Schwab.


US Marketing Services recommended a revamping and reintroduction of the Schwab trading platform along with tutorials, and more opportunities for networking.

US Marketing Services recommended that the Schwab team focus on what Schwab already offered rather than go forward with the addition of expensive licensing partnerships with more financial advisors.

US Marketing Services has repeatedly consulted for Schwab on marketing priorities.