Software Case Study


SecurityFocus provided security intelligence services to businesses in order to help predict and prevent destructive breaches and attacks of global company computer networks. SecurityFocus was founded by the visionaries who created the BugTraq vulnerability database.

The SecurityFocus management team came to US Marketing Services because they were frustrated that the unique nature of their security database information products were not sufficiently valued and understood by customers—a clear positioning problem.

US Marketing Services used qualitative research, competitive analysis, and marketing strategy experience and thinking to recommend:

-Customer and company focus
-Repositioning of their category
-Reorganization of their product line
-Development of priorities for new product capabilities for next product releases
-Redo of their marketing communications


US Marketing work focused on uncovering “drivers of choice” … What will drive customers to choose the category to solve their problems and what will drive customers to select a particular brand within that category.

The results of this work were a successful differentiation of the company and its products in the security industry, an increase in existing and new global customer sales, and an increase in company revenues.

SecurityFocus was soon acquired by Symantec (Norton Antivirus) and the SecurityFocus team was offered leadership roles in the Enterprise Security Division of Symantec.