Talent Management Case Study


There has been tremendous change in healthcare. Dedicated and talented doctors find themselves required to do more administrative and bureaucratic tasks when they prefer to be focused on taking care of challenging medical situations for patients and making the breakthroughs we all need for the next advanced treatments to address human ills.

The leadership team in the Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging at UCSF Medical Center came to US Marketing Services because they wanted to understand how best to increase physician participation in the ways the department would run in the near future. The goal was to identify changes that would result in a more satisfying work life for doctors and researchers and include younger physicians, fellows, and residents in forward planning. A project was planned and launched to examine how we could lessen the impact of bureaucratic demands on physicians and researchers work lives so they could focus on health care and medicine.


The majority of the physician and research team participated with US Marketing Services in confidential research, work teams, and offsite meetings to identify priorities for change. A large number of valuable ideas were uncovered and major shifts were made and are still underway. Satisfaction and engagement measures are up among all levels of the physicians, researchers, and staff.

Note : US Marketing Services often works as a consultant or partner with business services. For example with human resources or recruitment groups, with design firms, or advertising agencies, and with law firms.