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Our “one stop” process with Our Close Partners

We work harder for you by including implementation partners and marketing resources in what US Marketing Services does with a “One Stop” process.

Implementation Resources

We pride ourselves on effective working relationships with leading resources in related disciplines to our own:

Human resources
Quantitative research
Brand logo creation
Search engine optimization
Advertising and collateral
Graphic recording of meetings
Call center marketing and operations
Public relations and publicity
Direct and email marketing
Web site development
Promotional marketing
Video communications
Graphics design

USMS recommends experienced high quality resources to our clients when we see that they can add value for a specific implementation piece of the whole marketing and execution effort for our clients.
How it works
We make the recommendation and provide a business briefing for the resource regarding your business goals and status of your marketing initiative, set up the capabilities meeting for you to judge if the resource seems a good fit, and help you get going with a fair and well thought out work plan from them.
We may work directly with the resource and bill as a part of US Marketing Services or you can hire them separately-your choice.
The right decision depends on whether you want to leverage integration and information, utilize our project skills to save you time, or prefer to work in parallel.