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US Marketing Services can help you do more to leverage your assets

Your brand will be more powerful when it is differentiated based on what your customers define as ideal and when you improve your brand strategy using the three key tools common to all great brands…


Your Target

Your ideal customer more clearly defined (demographics – psychographics), more understanding of their views.

Your Product and Service Offer

Focused upon what matters most in your category; what is their real desire, need or pain … Adjust your product or service to deliver more of what is wanted.

Your Promise

What do they need to know right now to decide on your product or solution? Use the attributes which drive purchase choice.

Then you can deliver your brand strategy persuasively (your brand proof points are true) and cross functionally (in all places customers will meet your brand) and with an emotional component (so they feel your service commitment and expertise) and customers will be persuaded to buy or stay with your brand… They will just have that “feeling” you are the right fit for them.