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US Marketing Services’ Clients are Smart, Energized, and Focused on Action

We are located in San Francisco, our experience is national and international, and our clients are smart, energized and focused on action. Our clients range from start-up entrepreneurial and mid-sized firms to large Fortune 500 companies and cover most major industries.

You have problems we can help solve....
  • Need better understanding of target audience thinking
  • Not sure which company or product attributes are making target prospects hesitant to commit
  • Need to fine-tune product/service before launch for optimal market acceptance
  • Want to launch new products or new product features
  • Need to speed up acquisition of new customers
  • Want to uncover roadblocks/obstacles to marketing/sales success
  • Not sure who is the real decision maker
  • Don’t have time to get a marketing project moving
  • Don’t have enough (or right) people to get marketing project launched as quickly as needed
  • Address competitive losses
  • Long or slow sales cycle
  • Current marketing is not working quickly enough
  • Losing customer sale as finalists
  • Need to differentiate brand/ product/ service
  • Want to identify or “size” a market opportunity
  • Need a marketing plan
  • Need a detailed new product launch plan
  • Need a new name
  • Not high enough on Google search results
  • Need to create better customer experience
  • Need to make better decisions about product roadmap (or agreement with R&D)
  • Products/Services/Brand not sufficiently valued or understood by prospects
  • Not sure what customers and/or prospects want (most)
  • Not seeing enough customer loyalty and re-use
  • Competitors seem more successful, yet we really are better
  • Prioritize pipeline of next product/service offerings to leap frog competitors
  • Need more business across the board
  • Need more focused budget for marketing and sales
  • Not sure what will drive prospects to buy
  • Want to target a new set or size of customers
  • Can’t agree on company priorities
  • Unclear or dated brand identity
  • Need consultants to help advocate for marketing/product marketing/sales effectiveness
  • Not gaining sufficient traction in market place or market segment
  • The analysts make us sound like everybody else
You are busy and want to get work started....
  • Develop or update marketing approach
  • Business strategy input
  • Brand positioning and messaging work
  • Cross-functional agreements or plans
  • One-on-one interviews with high profile customers/ prospectsMedia planning and buying
  • Competitive analysisSearch engine optimization
  • Video communicationsEmail marketing
  • Naming products, services, drug trials, or companies
  • Marketing strategy
  • Corporate positioning
  • Marketing writing
  • New product/service marketing planning or launch
  • Qualitative research & focus groups
  • Product or project management
  • Executive team meeting or offsite facilitation
  • Management consulting for business improvements
  • Human resources projects/ confidential interviews /employee engagement

We Seek New and Return Clients who:

Want to grow or expand business with additional customers
Want to understand and truly satisfy customers
Want to leverage existing marketing efforts with the help of experienced managers
Appreciate hard work
Value clear thinking
Want to set priorities
Will keep commitments
Have or can define a budget to get started
“US Marketing Services brings incredible depth to each project. As someone deeply involved with operations of the business, it’s often hard to step back and critically analyze our programs from a marketing or customer perspective. US Marketing helped my management team to set specific operational objectives that would help us achieve our short-term and long-term marketing goals. Janet was a great coach to some of our team members and more importantly the team at US Marketing Services helped us achieve the results we wanted.
I can highly recommend US Marketing Services to anyone who wants strong strategic thinking coupled with tangible results.”

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