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US Marketing Services helps managers make strategic, management, and marketing decisions in one-on-one sessions or by facilitating meetings. Depending on what needs to be decided, the process is customized and may be best handled in discussions or in a series of meetings or off site retreats.

US Marketing Services often designs, manages, and facilitates company meetings where the goal is to bring groups together for productive problem-solving, opportunity analysis and decision-making.


US Marketing Services conducts sessions to help achieve many useful objectives
-Executive planning and visioning
-Cross functional meetings to foster alignment
-Marketing planning
-Management team decisions
-Definition of company strengths or product’s basis of differentiation
-Idea generation to identify new initiatives
-New product development opportunities and priorities
-Strategic planning priorities
-Corporate and business priorities
-Problem solving meetings – cross-functional teams, project teams, intact work teams, and volunteer teams – any group facing the challenge of increasing its effectiveness
-Team-building to foster closer more effective working relationships
USMS can manage all the meeting logistics
-Establish goals for the meeting and measures of success
-Plan and facilitate the development of the meeting agenda
-Meet with and gathers input from managers
-Establish clarity regarding direction, roles, and processes
-Establish agreement for making group decisions
-Develop templates, exercises, tools to be used in the meeting
-Draft or send out a meeting preparation email to set expectations
-Run the meeting energetically in an interesting manner to build common ground
-Appreciate the perspectives of each individual
-Work through conflicts
-Mobilize energy for accomplishment or change
-Provide a written summary of decisions and discussion points
-Compose group memory document to track next steps and accomplishments