Talent Management

talentTalent management challenges often require the skills of marketing to help address the development of high performance teams or to attract hard to hire managers to your firm. When you think about it, engaging people to care about the organization, managing change, communication across disciplines, finding talent and successfully attracting and retaining high performing individuals and managers requires, at the core, some effective marketing action implemented by HR , by recruiting teams and by your own management.

US Marketing Services has often been asked by clients to contribute and use the tools of marketing and research and powerfully apply them to the recruitment of talent and employee satisfaction management. US Marketing Services has an impressive track record in working with corporate and business unit leaders position the work environment in ways that will attract and retain key employee groups such as computer software programmers and talented physician specialists.

Janet Beach also has more than 20 years of volunteer experience in career coaching and career development and is published in this field. This expertise along with marketing expertise is a powerful combination we put to work as needed for our clients’ talent engagement or recruiting projects.