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“US Marketing Services has an amazing track record. They always seem to know or have worked with just the right resource to join a marketing and implementation project team. USMS helps us or will find us a specialist. We know they are going to be good.”

Director of Marketing,

“Thanks for the phone meeting to just talk over what we might do next. Now we have a much clearer view of options and next steps.”

Marketing Research Manager,

“Not only does Janet Beach ‘know everybody’ but she explains our business to them, gives them insight about what exactly we need, directs their proposed work plan so we are productive, faster, and we get “on target” results. Things happen! Great partner”

Chief Marketing Officer,

“I met Janet Beach at a “Women in Leadership” event and soon after we started working together.
Her influence goes beyond marketing strategy: she has that ability to energize people around not only marketing projects, but also difficult business issues that need to be resolved to move the company forward.
For the past 5 years, I collaborated with Janet as she is the marketing strategic consultant for the UCSF Department of Radiology. Much more than a consultant, Janet inspires me to reach higher goals: she has been an invaluable resource in terms of her guidance at work, and encouraging me to take appropriate steps to move my career forward. She can quickly grasp a problem and come up with many creative solutions, that are actionable and benefit all stakeholders.”

Marketing Manager,

“I want to tell you that all of us have been so impressed with your work. Our senior Department Executive gave a brief summary to his section chiefs (these are the MDs who head up each of our “divisions”) and went on and on about how great this information you have uncovered and the actions you have recommended are. Also, he met later in the day yesterday with our hospital CEO and COO, and got them very excited. Now they want to hear more about the results and the plan too. That is very good news for us and I hope for you too.
I’m very proud of how successful you have made China Basin to this point, and I appreciate your help and support as we try to make it a major competitor among free-standing Medical Imaging Centers in the area.”

Senior Medical Center Executive,

“We want to take a few minutes to express our sincere gratitude for all the hard work (Herculean effort) and smart thinking you put into the research project. I am frankly thrilled with the output and look forward to putting the strategy you have so clearly laid out into action.”

Director of Marketing,

“The offsite strategy meeting, which US Marketing Services ran for our managers, was the most comprehensive, strategic and thoughtful one I have seen!”