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Your marketing challenge and your business environment are unique
Your business needs a focus on your unique position in the marketplace. US Marketing Services customizes an approach to fit your needs and the realities of your organization. We make sure any recommendations we make are grounded in the realities of your business.
You want practical suggestions for strategies and tactics that will succeed for your business, given where you are now.
We help define what is “doable” now and we can plan with you for what will be needed next.
You are busy and have multiple challenges that you must juggle
USMS focuses on saving you time and hassle to get you where you want to be.
Once we obtain your input we focus on getting going in a way which does not require lots of extra meetings or managing on your part; our goal is to leverage your time.
USMS fits our work style to your management style and involvement to produce actionable results for you and your team.
If you want honest counsel delivered in a kind manner with loads of practical, smart, clever suggestions, that you actually can do, get Janet Beach and the team from US Marketing.
Director, Business Unit,
You want clear, simple thinking that will make a lasting and significant impact
USMS makes a lasting difference. You and your team will know what your customers want and will understand how to add and apply more of what customers want into everything you do.
We will uncover insights that will help you and your team to become more effective advocates for your customers knowing what the priorities ought to be to increase business success.
Value: You are wary of starting over or throwing out what you already have
USMS begins by using what you have, this will include your insights, sales know-how, managers’ “lessons learned”, industry data, research information, effectiveness of your collateral, website, or hypotheses from the executive team. We do not reinvent everything.
We clarify desired outcomes, align efforts across the organization, add, prune, and focus. We bring our experience and work hard to achieve your goals.
You want value that can last, not a one shot project
USMS works as an extension of you. We leverage your time and your thinking and we team up with you and you own the success we jointly achieve. We also communicate clearly regarding risks or potential problems along the way. Your expertise is respected and your knowledge is valued.
You do not want to be told you have to spend money you do not have
USMS will recommend and will help you advocate for effective levels of marketing and will also not judge you nor focus only on problems and limitations, but rather on solutions that can work given where you are now. You can give us a budget number and ask, “what can be done” to work better or smarter with the resources we have.
USMS consultants were in your shoes, in jobs like yours and understand the realities of making the most out of what you have to invest.
Results: you want consultants who can make your life easier and contribute to business success
We pride ourselves on our ability to learn about your business quickly and work very hard. We know our job is to contribute to your success and the success of your organization. We respect the job you are responsible for and we understand our part in it
USMS will do many of the jobs which need doing, accomplishing a great deal in a short amount of time. Once USMS leaves at the end of the consulting project, you will be better equipped to continue and be more effective.
A project with USMS typically creates enjoyment and learning for all and a clear process for your team to continue to take effective management and marketing action.
One thing about US Marketing, they focus on understanding our customer and helping us generate money and customer loyalty.
President, Software,
With you in charge of our new product launch, we actually picked up our pace and made great decisions. If you think about it, really it is truly amazing that we could have such an incredible quarter with no VP of Marketing. A huge amount of credit goes to you for stepping in so nicely and handling everything, bringing in resources we needed, working so well with our regular managers and outside PR firm, and ratcheting up the performance of our whole combined team to a new level. Are you sure you can’t become “full time” here?
VP Engineering & R&D,